Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Power of The Spoken Word: Speak Your World Into Existence

Share this post and help spread the love! The Power of The Spoken Word: Speak your World Into existence  written by Bren Koger. I was relaxing in the sauna at my gym yesterday when I couldn’t help overhearing a conversation a couple of women were having just outside the door. It was a pretty normal conversation about plans for the weekend, etc. What got my attention and made the conversation memorable for me was in the course of a 10-minute conversation, I heard a total of three dis-empowering statements related to money. In the past, I wouldn’t have noticed, but I’ve become more aware of these kinds of statement because I now understand the power of the spoken word. The Power of the Spoken Word A few years ago I might not even have noticed these statements, but since I’ve become more aware of my own spoken (or misspoken) words, it’s obvious when others are creating their lives by default by what they are voicing out loud. Dis-empowering Words The first thing that was said

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