Friday, July 31, 2015

Seven Valuable Lessons from the Pixar Movie – Up

Share this post and help spread the love! Seven Valuable Lessons from the Pixar Movie Up written by Bren Koger. A cardio theater at a gym is a big dark room with treadmills and ellipticals lined up in front of a movie screen so you can watch a movie while the minutes tick by. It’s a great distraction for me while I run on the treadmill and really one of the only times I watch movies. I was happy to see the adorable 3D animated movie “Up” by Pixar playing yesterday. The Pixar Movie UP If you haven’t seen this movie yet, the plot (Spoiler alert) is about an elderly man named Carl who lost his wife of many years, Ellie. Backstory for “Up “Carl and Ellie had both, from a young age, idolized the explorer Charles Muntz and always had this dream of moving to Paradise Falls in South America, but they never seem to be able to make it happen. Ellie ends up dying of old age. Carl still lives in the house they shared together, but when he accidentally injures a construction worker ove

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