Saturday, August 1, 2015

30 Tips on How to Make Tough Decisions

Share this post and help spread the love! 30 Tips on How to Make Tough Decisions written by Bren Koger. Are you struggling to make a tough decision? We all run into situations where we are confronted with a tough decision in one form or another. Today I want to give you some ideas on how to make some tough decisions. How to Make Tough Decisions Here are a few ways to help you make tough decisions (concept from this list orginaly from The Tiny Buda blog). 1. Consider whether or not you will be able to look proudly into the mirror the next day. -Marcia Jones 2. Reflect on past difficult decisions and how you made them. The problems don’t have to be similar for the method to work the same. -Gentry Harvey 3. Meditate and listen to your instincts. ~Stacey Chandler 4. Meditate on how it affects balance within your life. Then have the faith and will to carry out by action. -Isaac Guest 5. Set aside time to give careful thought to the decision. The worst thing you can do is act in haste. -D

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