Friday, August 21, 2015

Do You Know How Long Should a Blog Post Be?

Share this post and help spread the love! Do You Know How Long Should a Blog Post Be? written by Mike Marko. Have you struggled with how long should a blog post be? You could be writing your very first blog post; Or maybe you have been blogging for a while but have heard a lot of conflicting information about how long a blog post should be. That s why I want to take the time to give you some guidance based on what Bren and I do to create our successful blog. So let s get to big question How Long Should a Blog Post Be? I get that question quite frequently.  And unfortunately there is no straight forward answer because a lot of it depends on what you are trying to accomplish, how often you post, and a variety of other factors. That being said, today I m going to talk about the rule of thumb we use to determine how long should a blog post be. So let s dive in The Really Short Blog Post (200 to 400 Words) Really Short Blog Posts are ideal for a variety of situations. The first being the

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