Sunday, September 6, 2015

Seven Day Challenge to Stay Positive

Seven Day Challenge to Stay Positive written by Mike Marko. Do you want to have more positive things come into your life? I have the secret to improving your life The Secret Maybe you have negative things happen to you bad luck.  And this is a subject of your conversations with your friends and family. The very fact that you are complaining about it means you will attract more of it into your life. Seven Day Challenge to Stay Positive .video-container{text-align:center;} Let s talk about the seven-day challenge to stay positive. Reasons to Stay Positive Feel Better.  A positive attitude will make you feel better overall. Harmonious Relationships.  If you are positive, then you will generally have better relationships.  It helps create a positive atmosphere. Better Skills to Cope With Challenges.  A bad attitude never helps any situation. More Energy.  Being negative causes stress, and stress takes away energy. Better Health.  Positive thoughts have been proven to help you have

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