Sunday, September 13, 2015

What Does No Mud, No Lotus Mean?

“What Does No Mud, No Lotus Mean? written by Bren Koger. Have you heard the phrase “no mud, no lotus ? No Mud, No Lotus You can’t have the beauty of the lotus flower without the mud that helps it grow and without suffering, there is no way to learn how to be understanding and compassionate. No Mud, No Lotus is the title of a great audio by meditation teacher Tara Brach. Watch through to the end for an amazing guided meditation. (32:30) .video-container{text-align:center;} Suffered? If you’ve ever suffered A major loss A conflict in a relationship Or someone you love getting hurt These are the muddy times that can be used as an opportunity to dig deeper into our spirit and discover our strengths and depths of compassion. The stuff that happens in life can be seen as an opportunity for deeper enlightenment if we bring a certain presence to it. If we root deep into the mud of presence. However many times our first reaction is to get caught in reactivity. Fear and anger can take o

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